About me

Inked by The Ocean

By Loreto Vila: Artist and marine biologist

Inked by the Ocean was inspired by my love for the Ocean, the same passion that led me to study marine biology and explore the ocean for years. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced me to stop exploring, I turned to my other great passion: Art.

Through my art, I hope to convey the beauty and diversity of the ocean. My illustrations and tattoo designs are characterized by their timeless beauty, attention to detail, and overall harmony. Sometimes I draw geometric shapes in my designs to add movement and harmony, because in the Ocean everything is constantly moving and changing.

As a biologist and diver, I am able to capture the features of each species with accuracy and detail, which gives my designs a higher level of quality. I have also experienced the feeling of peace, happiness, and connection to the Ocean that comes with diving. I always strive to capture this feeling in my illustrations, and I hope that it will also evoke that felling in you when you see them.

I consider myself a strong advocate for ocean conservation, which has led me to collaborate with organizations such as The Shark Trust and The Great Whale Conservancy and participate in the Stop Finning campaign. I want my art to help people connect with the ocean and appreciate its beauty, as we can only protect what we love.

I am committed to my values, the environment, and my clients. I offer personalized attention when designing custom tattoos, and I ship my products in 100% plastic-free packaging, so you can buy from me with a clean conscious. I also strive to empower other women entrepreneurs through my example.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my art with the world and to connect with each of my clients! Thank you for your support!

Humans are inevitably linked to the ocean and,
therefore, compelled to protect it!

My art is linked to my background in Marine Biology and actively working on sea turtle’s conservation projects as well as guiding tourists on dives with sharks.

Small business and Sustainability:

Hello I am Loreto Vila, the person behind Inked by the Ocean! My webstore is a one-person business. I make all the drawings by hand, but I also carefully pack every order and answer every email and shop for supplies. If you are waiting for a custom piece, please be aware of this and that your unique artwork requires time. Thank you for your patience!

I care about producing quality art and protecting the environment so I use plastic free shipping materials, such as recycled cardboard envelopes and tubes. I do my best to ensure that you can buy from me with a clean conscience!

It is an honor to connect with like-minded people from all over the world through my work. Thank you so much for your support!