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Tattoo Permission


This Certificate gives you permission to get one of my designs tattooed on your skin! - It includes a high resolution image of the design of your choice! I will send it to you after the payment, Just add which design you would like in the notes!

78 units available!


I am so honoured that you would want to have my art tattooed for life, it is such a compliment! As a professional artist, my art is both my livelihood and intellectual property so, to support my work, please purchase a tattoo permit before getting my work tattooed. 

What will I receive?
I will send you a digital copy that you can take to your tattoo artist so he/she can print to your desired size. Just add which design you would like in the notes!
Which designs are available? 
Any of my open edition designs can be purchased as tattoo permissions! Go take a look at @inked_by_the_ocean for some inspiration!  
Custom tattoo designs that I did for other clients are not available for tattooing (sorry!)
The permit works for one design, if you want to have several designs tattooed you can buy several permits and I will send you all the designs !
Can you design me a custom tattoo?
Absolutely! Send me an email (or a direct message on Instagram) with your idea, including as much detail as possible for design, size, and position to get started! 


Thank you very much for your support ! I hope you enjoy my art ! 

PS: If you send my photos of the tattoo you can get featured on my instagram page !

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